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Clean and nice brushes!
We all know that if we store our makeup brushes the hair up, bacteria and dust will go in them....and we do NOT want that to happen, since you use that on our skin! I know that products like that already exist...but since I can't buy online, and wanted something to protect my brushes and keep their shape,I tried and did my own.
Easy,cheap and useful!

I hope it helped some of you :)
Have fun =)

Posted by Emilie Strange from Montreal, Quebec, Canada • Published
  • How to make a pot. Brushes Protectors? - Step 1
    Step 1

    First of all,
    you need those:

    -Scotch Tape
    -Bubble Wrap
    -and of course your brushes!


  • Step 2

    Okay I'm sorry,I don't have a picture for this...
    but it's really simple.
    What you need to do is put your brush on the bubble wrap,and cut it the way you prefer, as long as its enough long and large so you can put a little piece of tape to make it stay...
    Don't make it too tight(we want to be able to take off the brush out there) but don't make it too loose(we do not want the brush to fall off that thingy)
    So yea, just tape like at the bottom and at the top... and that's it! :)

  • How to make a pot. Brushes Protectors? - Step 3
    Step 3

    Then you're supposed to have something kinda like this!

    It's fun because you can make one for every kind of brushes =)

  • How to make a pot. Brushes Protectors? - Step 4
    Step 4

    And remember to store them with this bubble wrap thingy on, in a glass or container, the hair part down...so no dust at all... and after you cleaned your brushes(supposed to be everyday or almost) put those bubble wraps on them and then in the glass and let them dry^^
    As you can see my blurry picture *sorry*, the shape of your brushes is the same as when you bought them,when you store them with this ^.^

    I hope you enjoyed!

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Jessica A.
Jessica A.
Professional makeup artist here, just wanted to add some info Happy Dust getting into bristles isn't really much of an issue if you use your brushes fairly often, so I wouldn't think twice about storing my uncovered brushes bristle-up in a vase (I do).

You don't, however, want to store them that way while they dry. The actual danger is that water will drip into the ferrule of the brush and loosen the glue holding the brush together. Problem is, wrapping brushes in bubble wrap is a great way to breed mildew in wet brushes. Even on dry, unclean brushes, the plastic will incubate any bacteria on the brush. Bad idea.

This method would work just fine as long as you substitute a breathable material. A sturdy nylon mesh/netting would work well, allow the bristles to breath, and protect your brush at the same time Happy
Emilie Strange
Emilie Strange · Montreal, Quebec, CA · 1 project
yay Im glad you like Happy
haha yeah I love it but Im scared to use it again....I washed it once with a soft clothe and was very careful and little spots came off =(
so I am very careful with it since I LOVE emily the strange haha^^
Skylar · Tucson, Arizona, US · 4 projects
I love this! Also, I have this mug, and just so you know,if steel wool is used on it, part of her face comes off D:
Emilie Strange
Emilie Strange · Montreal, Quebec, CA · 1 project
aw,thank you for the fav,people =D
Spica · 18 projects
I never thought of the dust. Although I don't clean my brushes as often as I should. It would be use some of the bubble wrap I've gotten from the things I got in the mail.

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