Cut Out + Keep


Felt Flower • Posted by Saskia F.

Beautiful on a simple dress !!

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


1 h 00


Pretty Easy
Medium dsc 0226


Beautiful on a simple dress !!


  1. Small dsc 0207

    Step 1: Cut out 3 circles in 3 different sizes.

  2. Small dsc 0209

    Step 2: Draw these circels on your felt, each one 5 times. I used 3 different colours but you can also do all circels in the same colour.

  3. Small dsc 0210

    Step 3: Cut the circels out.

  4. Small dsc 0213

    Step 4: Glue them together with fabric glue, now you've got 5 circels.

  5. Small dsc 0214

    Step 5: Make a slice in the middle, up to the middle of the smallest circle.

  6. Small dsc 0217

    Step 6: Fold double and sew both sides together.

  7. Small dsc 0218

    Now you've got 5 of these :)

  8. Small dsc 0223

    Step 7: Glue them togheter with fabric glue, side to side. Use a clothespeg to hold them together.

  9. Small dsc 0224

    If it has dried long enough, you can remove the clothespegs.

  10. Small dsc 0226

    Step 8: Use a button to fancy it up, sew or glue it in the middle, let it dry, DONE :) You can put a circle in felt at the back for attaching a safety-pin or something like that so you can wear it on a dress !!