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A fashionable Breathable mask for the pandemic
Hey guys, even though every part of me is screaming: “Don’t post this” I feel like I need to.
How many of you have to wear mask now?
Does it limit oxygen flow to your brain causing you to:
A.) forget what you were doing
B.) suffocate you like your wearing a weird torture muzzle
C.) force you to take it off every so often to breath and risk getting what plagues the world
Or D.) all the above
My awnser to this simple Question is “D.) All the above”
You see my job just yesterday made it required for us to wear a face mask and though I had been forced to wear one for quite some time due to appease the public; I did not like the face that I now have to wear it all the time at work. So I searched for a way to make a fabric mask. Thankfully Pinterest had the awnser and I modified it to work for me.
Keep in mind I do not own these patterns or the tutorial I’m gonna post in the description.
This is just my version of it. And I hope it works for you like it does for me.
Template: https://pin.it/3ExuL7i
Tutorial: https://pin.it/2ft0Qch on

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