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Knitted Wrist Warmers

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© 2020 Monica Russel / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    These instructions are for making a bobble, abbreviated to (MB). All three sts are made from the same st.
    Row 1: knit into the front, back and front again of the same st.
    Row 2: p3, turn.
    Row 3: sl1, k1, psso, k1, turn.
    Row 4: p2tog, turn.

  • Step 2

    Right hand
    Start at the border (finger end).
    Using 3.75mm (UK 9/US 5) knitting needles 
and yarn A, cast on 40 sts, then ktbl to form a neat edge.
    Rows 1–4: *k1, p1*, rep from * to * to end 
of row.
    Change to 4mm (UK 8/US 6) knitting needles and start pattern as follows, decreasing 1 st on first row only [40 sts].
    Row 1: (k2, p2) three times, MB using colour B, knit same st again using colour A, k1, p2, *k2, p2*, rep from * to * to end of row.
    Rows 2, 4 and 6: *p2, k2*, rep from * to * to end of row.
    Row 3: *k2, p2*, rep from * to * to end of row.
    Row 5: As row 3.
    Repeat the above six rows nine more times. 
Cut off yarn A and change to 3.75mm (UK 9/
US 5) needles.
    Next row: *k1, k2tog, k9, k2tog*, rep from * to * twice, then k12.
    Next two rows: *k1, p1*, rep from * to * to end of row.
    Cast off using small picot cast off as follows:
    k2, cast off 1 st, *transfer st on right-hand needle to left-hand needle and cast on 1 st using cable cast on, cast off 2 sts*, rep from 
* to * to end of row.

  • Step 3

    Left hand
    As right hand until start of pattern (where you change to 4mm (UK 8/US 6) needles), then place bobbles as follows:
    Row 1: *k2, p2*, rep from * to *seven times, MB, (k2, p2) three times.
    Continue with above spacing for bobbles using the same row sequence as right glove.

  • Step 4

    Making up
    Using a tapestry needle and mattress stitch, join side seam 5.5cm (2¼in) from the finger end and 8.5cm (33⁄8in) from picot edge. This will leave a gap for your thumb to go through.
    Weave in all loose ends.
    These handwarmers remind me of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They are elegant and warm, and can be knitted in colours 
of your choice.

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