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Brain Ring

Where better to display your brains..... • Posted by Zombiella x.

Juicy Brain Statement Ring!!

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Juicy Brain Statement Ring!!


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    Get everything together - Doesn't matter what colours you use, but you will need two contrasting colours to make a statement

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    I've chosen red as my base colour - mould this onto the ring base into a dome shape. Mark a line from top to bottom to give the illusion of a left and right side - a cocktail stick is great for this.

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    Using the contrasting colour roll thinly into a snake and wrap back and forth up one side of the 'brain'. Don't worry if there are gaps as the colour underneath shows through.

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    Repeat on other side and bake as per instructions....then decorate to suit, couple of coats of glaze gives it that juicy look lol :D