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Braided Front With Curly Extension In The Back

a cute fun hairdo • Posted by Celestine

This is my friend she want her hair done so I came up with this lovely hair do

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This is my friend she want her hair done so I came up with this lovely hair do


  1. First u must make sure the person hair is clean

  2. Then u part the hair from ear to ear making sure the part is straight ( this is called sectioning the hair).

  3. Now that the hair is parted u take the hair that in the back and put that into a ponytail.

  4. Now u braid the hair that in the front in whatever braid style, it really don't matter how u braid the hair as long as it's cute.

  5. Once ur done braiding the hair u take the braid hair and twist it down and pin it down.

  6. Now that the braided hair is pin down part a thin section of hair from ear to ear this thin art is it hide the extension.

  7. Next the hair that u put in the ponytail take that hair and holding spray and spray it down and smooth it out with a fine tooth comb (u can use gel but it take to long to dry). Use a blow dryer to also dry, hold and smooth out the ponytail.

  8. Now take the curly extension and measure the back of the persons head and cut the extension.

  9. Apply hair glue to the extension and then apply the extension to the head, use the blow dryer to hold the hair in place.

  10. U continue to measure, cut and apply hair glue to the extension until u reach up to the part near the braid.

  11. Now u take that thin part u made and lay it over the extension to hide the tracks

  12. Now u take some synthetic braided hair ( this will further hide the tracks) braid the synthetic hair this piece will be used as a decorative crown like piece.

  13. Small img 20120101 203120

    Now u take the braided piece and put it between the braided front and the extension and pin it down, and now ur done :-) .