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Cute and easy to make. Hair, clothes, you chose where to wear them!
Soooo.... yes, I love bows. I only have big ones I made (I have them as a project too). One day, while shopping with my mother, I found HobbyCraft. Of course I had to buy something!
I bought 3 ribbons: black with white polka dots, white with black polka dots and another stronger one to other uses.

Last Sunday I was thinking I haven't made anything creative. Or crafty. I mean, I have to do something that is not either to study (and then I had two tests Monday) or to clean the house. As I already cleaned the house and I was feeling pretty lazy, I just went to search for my box.

The smaller bows are 5cm /2in. I used 12cm/4.7in of each black and white ribbon. The bigger one is.... I can't remember. I hope google is correct because I measured in cm and used it to know how many inches it was :P

I used clear thread to sew a bit so they would keep their shape. I went around the middle with thin ribbons (I have a lot of them that I cut from clothes) 3 times and sew a bit so it wouldn't get loose. Still, as they could fray, I used just a tiny little bit of super glue.
I put them on (I think it's their name) bobby pins and wore them on my hair, and I will try to put them on safety pins to wear on my clothes as well.

I put 'almost nothing' on the price because... I can't remember. I don't think the ribbon was that expensive, the thin ribbons are from clothes, the glue was cheap too.
The time. 'AGAIN?' you ask. Because I forgot the timer. But as I was on the computer chatting with friends, they didn't seem to take too much time to make and they are pretty easy.
Two black ones with polka dots I made for my friend.

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