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a cute blue bow ring:).
A bow ring that is really pretty and sooo easy to make.

First I rolled out a small sheet of fimo and cut a rectangle out of it. I then pinched the middle of the rectangle in, using my fingers, to make it smaller than the two ends. I get made a thinner rectangle and wrapped it around the pinched in section to make it look more "ribbon-ey." Then using a fimo sculpting tool - the end of a sharp pencil works just as well - I made little lines in the bow to look like creases. This makes it look a bit more realistic.
I then rolled a long thin rectangle. I wrapped it around my finger and cut it to the correct size.
Finally I put it in the oven for about 30 minutes. After I took it out I left it to dry for a while as it can still be quite fragile when it is hot.

hope you like it:)!

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