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Bottlecap Fun!

Decorate some bottle caps to use for a variety of things!! • Posted by Siany

I'd seen some decorated bottle caps around and decided to try my own!! This is just my way of doing it...

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I'd seen some decorated bottle caps around and decided to try my own!! This is just my way of doing it...


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    Heres what you'll need: -Some clean bottlecaps (I bought mine from the supermarket) -Clear drying glue (I used 'Inksentials Glossy Accents' but I guess PVA etc would work too!) -pretty scrap paper, wrapping paper, magazines, newspapers etc -sticker letters (or handcut letters) -other small things to decorate eg buttons, bling, stickers, lace, ribbon etc -scissors -a pen/pencil -a circle punch (optional)

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    Trace rough circles onto the BACK of your paper. (If you have a circle punch, this is where it comes in very handy!!)

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    Roughly cut the circles out - it doesn't matter too much if they're a bit dodgy.

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    Place the circles inside the bottlecap. They dont need to be stuck down as the glue will later hold them in place.

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    Start arranging other bits and pieces on top. You can layer them up, just make sure they don't rise too high. This is where you'll add buttons, lace, paperclips, photos, letters, chipboard, fabrics - the possibilites are endless!!

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    Take your glue (whichever youve decided to use). This one is great as it has a very fine nib...

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    Squeeze the glue into the bottlecaps. I start around the edges and make sure its completely sealed, and then I fill the centre. Try not to lift the glue and start again as it tends to make air bubbles.

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    This is what they will look like, completely covered. Allow them to dry until completely clear and solid. My glue only takes about 2 hours.

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    And here are some that have dried! I spelt out my friends name and I plan to make a wall hanging for her.

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    My friends initials - these have a nice texture as Ive used lace, buttons and some bling!!

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    Here I painted a frame and then glued strips of patterned paper to it. I coated it in a gloss to give some shine. The bottlecaps spell out my name and I just superglued them to the centre of the frame!! It now hangs on the wall in my art room!

  12. Thanks for looking! Hope you like it!!