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a slouchy sweatshirt with a très cute spin
So about a week or so ago, I turn this over-sized pink sweatshirt into a B.O.T.S(baggy, off the shoulder) crop sweater. I was gonna just leave it that way and be fine with it. But last night, I was looking through a box of fabric I keep for projects and I found this old dirty tote bag with these paris/eiffel tower stencils on it. I definitely wanted to keep the designs but NOT the entire bag. I bought it for like a quarter at a thrift shop and it had dirt and stains on it. Anyways, so I turned the sweater inside out, pinned and sewed the stencil to the fabric of the sweater. I trimmed off the excess of the stencil, flipped the sweater inside out and cut carefully the fabric on the inside of the sewed areas. I think it looks adorable <3 Hope you like :D

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