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Fun to do tote bag crafting for the Crafter in you!
My tote bag was looking a little bit on the bland side so I decided to wake it up with a heart piece that I've been meaning to use since forever. :p

The pieces I used were

1 solid colored tote bag- I say solid colored because it gives you a lot of ideas that you may have for decorating your bag. You can also use a design printed tote though, if you don't mind it being extra elaborate.

For the heart piece, it was actually a part of a tutu I own that I got from hot topic a few years ago. And I didn't care too much for it destroying the actual skirt design so I decided to remove it and use it something else that was in need of simple decor. The tote bag idea was perfect!

You do not have to use the embellishment that I used because it probably is hard to find. you basically can just use any loose jewelry and/or accessories that you don't normally wear and apply them to your bag. This is just to give you some idea of what you might want it to look like. So don't be afraid to go a little crazy on your decorating. :)

One thing though. Make sure when you start gluing your pieces to your bag that you put something solid inside the bag be it an old book or a piece of plastic that fits inside so that the parts you are gluing together wont stick to the other side of the bag. Less mess is more win. Trust me.

And that's all there is to it! If you have any pics of your revamped masterpiece that you'd like to share, show it off! I'd love to see your work! :)

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