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These cement-filled boots are made for stopping...
And that's just what'll they do...The cement-filled boots are made for stopping...the door from opening on you...

A good friend found these cowboy boots for me, but they were a little too tight. So instead of kicking them to the curb or giving them a "face lift" I decided on some internal surgery instead by filling them with concrete to create a cowboy boot doorstop.

To demonstrate the process I'll use a different shoe, as I didn't photograph the process the first time I made these. It's kind of tough to demonstrate how HEAVY this boot is, but trust me it's heavy.

When laying on it's side, it's even better - yeah it looks like your slob, leaving shoes all over the house, until someone tries to pick it up.

I've made several of styles of these shoes, but you can make one yourself...

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You Will Need

  • How to make a door stop. Boot Door Stop - Step 1
    Step 1

    If you're using a shoe with laces, remove them. Next, line the shoe of your choice (tennies are great, old Docs are perfect, but big boots are best) with plastic wrap. If there are air holes at the side of the shoe it will prevent the concrete from coming out.

  • How to make a door stop. Boot Door Stop - Step 2
    Step 2

    Next, fill the toe section with with wadded up newspaper.

  • How to make a door stop. Boot Door Stop - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next mix the concrete according to manufacturer's instructions, I prefer using Pour Stone, but most craft concrete will do the job!

  • How to make a door stop. Boot Door Stop - Step 4
    Step 4

    In a warm area, carefully pour the concrete into the shoe, one batch might not be enough, but allow the first pour to dry before adding a second. Keep filling until you almost reach the top of the shoe.

    Once dry, paint the top of the concrete with a color coordinated acrylic paint.

    Things to think about: If you're using a "thin" shoe, the water from the concrete can "seep" through the material leaving a water stain. I like using thick leather shoes or material that will dry.

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Eva · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 65 projects
What a great idea!

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