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Not for vegetarians or conservatives, here is a necklace I created from the bone leftovers of our family dinner one night...
I think I'm becoming fairly morbid in my jewellery taste.
Here is my latest project. At dinner one night with the family I realised for the first time how nice the shape and irregularity of the bones in the chops we were eating were. My family of course thinks I am bonkers but I love the results. It pretty much just looks like chunky beads unless you look closely.

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  • How to make a chain necklace. Bone Bead Necklace - Step 1
    Step 1

    The instructions are fairly simple, first you just need to coincidentally have a meal with meat that has short circular bones like in the picture.

  • Step 2

    Save the bones from the meal and if you live in a country with ants (like me), give them a quick scrape and poke out the marrow and put them in a bowl outside for the ants to enjoy.

    After about 5 days, (but keep checking on them) bring them back inside.

    You could skip this step if you were happy to scrape everything off yourself, but it does help to dry them out.

  • Step 3

    If there is any remaining meat, gristle etc, scrub it off with an abrasive cloth.

    Then put your bones in a saucepan, covering them with water. Wait until the water boils then simmer until all the water evaporates.

    You may need to do this a couple of times to get rid of all the oil and to have completely clean bones

  • Step 4

    The only problem with using bones is they can smell a lot like dinner. Spray them with perfume or any other spray but the smell should go away after a while.

    Get your old necklace chain and string your lovely bones on.


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StephanieM · 10 projects
Hahaha that's great, you'll just have to find someone to eat meat for you Happy
Yeah I know, I guess I was just "lucky" that I had to have teeth pulled out before I got braces when I was 12. It didn't feel lucky at the time. If you know any little kids maybe you could ask their parents to give you their teeth as they fall out? That seems creepy but it could be an option haha Happy Who needs teeth in your mouth when you could have it on a ring? Tongue
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Hey, im a vegetarian and love using/looking at bones. Tongue
lol Its an acquired morbid taste i guess.

I really want to make teeth jewelry ...but i still need all of mine. XD