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a bodyless Domo because sewing the arms just seemed too hard!
I promised a friend that I would make him a Domo keychain, but after searching a couple of "How-to" make a felt Domo sites, I came to the realization that I didn't have the sewing skills to sew on the arms to the sides (that and I was just too lazy to try)

So, I decided to just make a cubed Domo.

But cubed didn't look nice enough, so I just made the sides about a centimeter thick.

I glued just about everything except for the edges because I felt particularly lazy that day. Surprisingly, it turned out alright, but I prefer sewing everything down rather than gluing. (Unless laziness takes over)

Had thought about making a tutorial for this since it seemed easy enough for me to explain, but I'm not sure if people would want one or not.

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