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Based on Boba Fett Christmas by siobhan
No sewing, just some fabric cutting and glue.

Boba Fett's head is four basic shapes: the helmet, the green semi-circle on top, the green semi-circle (slightly wonky) on the bottom, and the face plate.

Cut the helmet shape out of heavy cardboard and then trace a larger version of the shape onto your black fabric. Glue it together, and cut tabs into the fabric to make for a smoother line when you wrap the tabs around the back and glue them down.

Use supersharp scissors to cut out the green shapes, and if you carefully glue them down with a wet craft glue (not hot glue!) you should be able to 'seal' the edges so they don't fray.

The green material is khaki left over from some knee-less little boy pants, the black background is from a different pair of pants. It's okay if the fabric is a little worn - Boba Fett is the galaxy's scariest bounty hunter, after all. He's had some hard knocks.

The face plate is gold cardstock that I backed with black velvet, to give it a 'deep empty hole' look. His real faceplate is brownish red, so there's a whole host of more realistic shades that you might have hanging around the house. The inside of a gold envelope is a great source. Using black velvet backing underneath the faceplate makes it stand out from the helmet.

Hide the wraps by gluing a paper backing on - I used black velvet flocked paper, but any heavy paper will do. Use a lighter colour if you want to sign and date your ornament.

His antenna is a little gold nail (from a picture hanging hook) wrapper with a bit of black velvet at the top.

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