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a cute boatneck shirt with a contrasting ribbon detail
While watching my sister play Jojo's fashion show on the computer, I saw this really nice boatneck 3/4 sweater. Since then, I have really really wanted one, but because of my lack of money, I decided to make one of my own. Hope you all like it :)

sorry about any lines in the pictures...

UPDATE: Jan. 28, 2013
Thank you SO much everyone for such a great response to my shirt! For the longest time I'd totally forgotten about cutoutandkeep but I got an email and then I remembered lol. Theres nothing cooler than seeing something you created being shared by everyone! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS xo
p.s. Sometime in the near future I will find a time to update those old 14 year old me drawings hahahha

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  • How to make a turtleneck top. Boatneck Shirt - Step 1
    Step 1

    First off, I got a turtle neck and cut the neckline .. mine sits close the the shoulder, but you don't have to make it that far to the shoulder if you don't like it like that.

    *cut along the dotted line in the picture

    ** make sure your lines are straight (unlike my drawing..)

  • Step 2

    on another old t-shirt(any colour, any size), cut two strips along the bottom


    if you don't want to cut up another t-shirt, you can use a ribbon (any size, any colour)

  • How to make a turtleneck top. Boatneck Shirt - Step 3
    Step 3

    take the two strips, and cut the seams of ONE END ONLY and sew to the other strip.

    my drawings aren't the best mostly because I'm terrible at drawing.. sorry about that :)

  • How to make a turtleneck top. Boatneck Shirt - Step 4
    Step 4

    mark and (or) pin where you want the ribbon to weave. I marked the 'X' as where I would be putting the ribbon to tie as a bow.

    * you can put it at either of the sides or even the middle

  • How to make a turtleneck top. Boatneck Shirt - Step 5
    Step 5

    cut the lines of where you pinned, small and vertical

    * depending on what you're using for the weaving (the t'shirt or ribbon) cut the lines to that size

  • How to make a turtleneck top. Boatneck Shirt - Step 6
    Step 6

    weave the t-shirt/ribbon through the slits you made and tie it into a bow where you want it.

    *avoid weaving through the sleeves of the shoulder

    ** if you can see on the picture.. sew along the dark(er) lines to close up the sides of the weaving

  • Step 7

    and there you have it!

    hopefully this tutorial makes sense, if you have any questions about it just send me a message :)

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Francesca F.
Francesca F. · Pisa, Toscana, IT · 10 projects
Beautiful!! <3
(and I play Jojo fashion show too XD)
* Crafty Creator *
* Crafty Creator * · 7 projects
The pictures are hard too see, they're too light. BTW cool t-shirt
rachellgirly · Tulsa, Oklahoma, US · 5 projects
Very cool! I'm so doing this soon!!

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