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Create a BOHO Necklace from Blueberry Cove Beads Monthly Subscription Box
I recently had the Privilege to Craft Test the monthly subscription box from Blueberry Cove Beads, of Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The products arrive in a lovely stamped and well packaged box. Each piece is bundled into cellophane bags within a larger satin bag. Each month has a theme, and a post card explaining that months theme, and the designer's description.

You are also encouraged to participate in a monthly challenge, that includes a piece of the set you are given, with the chance to win a free box!

I hope my attached tutorial will help not only encourage you to subscribe to your own box, but inspire you by illustrating just how many pieces you can create from one box of beads!

The quality is great, and the possibilities are endless!

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  • How to make a multi-strand bead necklace. Blueberry Cove Beads In Boho - Step 1
    Step 1

    To make the following pieces:
    - Necklace.
    - Bracelet.
    - Earrings.

    In addition to your Blueberry Cove Beads box, you will need:

    - Chain.
    - Eyepins or Wire.
    - Jump Rings.
    - Crimp Ends (or wire to attach claps).
    E6000 (or another jewelry quality adhesive).
    Gems to glue into settings.
    Earring Loops/Hooks.
    Lobster Clasps.

    * All Lengths of Chain, Wire, Clear Beading Wire, Rope will be to your desired length. Measure them according to where you want them to fall on your person.
    I'm very petite, so my measurements would be smaller than the average persons.

  • How to make a multi-strand bead necklace. Blueberry Cove Beads In Boho - Step 2
    Step 2

    3 Strand Boho Bracelet.

    Piece One:
    Using a small piece of wire, and round nose pliers, thread the wire through the red ceramic doughnut, and create a loop on either side, Attach desired length of chain to either side.

    Piece Two:
    Measure out a piece of chain just slightly bigger than the chain holding your doughnut.

    Piece Three:
    Cut a piece of rope to desired length, and thread on alternating turquoise rounded beads, and wooden beads. Tie a knot on either side to secure.

    Putting it all together:
    Take the metal crimp ends, dab a bit of E6000 into it, and attach to the rope.
    Next, use two jumprings to attach the chains to either side, and add a lobster claps.

    And you're done!

  • How to make a multi-strand bead necklace. Blueberry Cove Beads In Boho - Step 3
    Step 3

    Piece Two:

    3 Strand Boho Necklace.

    For Strand 1 You Will Need:
    - Silver Flower with Rhinestone Settings.
    - Rhinestones.
    - E6000, Toothpicks, & Embellie Gellie.
    - Copper Filigree - One piece.
    - 6 Ceramic Round Turquoise Beads (CRT).
    - 12 Wooden Beads (WB).
    - Red Rope Strand.
    - Jumpring.

    Set Rhinestones into the Silver Flower bead. Attach to Copper Filigree with jumpring. Fine the center in your rope, slide on the pendant via the jumping, and tie a knot to keep it from sliding.
    On one side of the pendant:
    1 CRT. 3 WB. 1 CRT. 3 WB. 1 CRT.
    Make sure all beads are slid into place, and are tight to the pendant. Secure with a knot above the last CRT. Repeat for the other side.

    For the 2nd Strand:

    You Will Need -
    - 1 Ceramic Doughnut.
    - 1 Small piece of wire.
    - 2 Copper Leafs.
    - 1 strand of Chain.
    - 2 Jumprings.

    Thread small wire through the Ceramic Doughnut, and using the round-nosed pliers, create tight loops to attach the chain. Using jumprings, attach the chain and the leafs to the doughnut loops.

    For Strand 3 You will Need:
    - 15 Turquoise beads, and the clear beading strand the are attached to (TB).
    - 8 Copper Moon & Star beads (CM).
    - 4 Ceramic flat round turquoise beads with flower (CTF).

    Undo knot at one end of the Turquoise bead strand, and remove all but 10 beads.

    10 TB. CM. CTF. CM. 1 TB. CM. CTF. CM. 3 TB. CM. CTF. CM. 1 TB. CM. CTF. CM. 10 TB. Tie other end securely.

    Putting It All Together:

    Secure the clear beading wire and the chain together by adding knots on each end, while leaving a length of the clear wire on each end.
    Take a crimp end, and dab E6000 into it. Carefully place the Clear wire, and the rope end into the crimp end. Let sit for a few seconds, then use the flat-nosed pliers to close the crimp end, paying careful attention to the clear wire, as it can slip out if not properly secured. Repeat the same to the other end, then add a jump ring to either side, and a lobster claw clasp to one of the jumprings.

    And you're done!

  • How to make a multi-strand bead necklace. Blueberry Cove Beads In Boho - Step 4
    Step 4

    Piece Three:

    Boho Dangle Earrings.

    You Will Need -
    - 4 Jumprings.
    - 2 Earring Hooks.
    - Two Gems.
    - 2 Wooden Boho Butterfly Beads.
    - 2 Silver Chandelier Beads.

    Attach Gems to middle inner loop of Chandelier beads.
    Attach Jumpring to the top of the Chandelier bead, and connect to the bottom space of the wooden butterfly bead.
    Attach jumpring to the top of the wooden butterfly bead, and connect to earring hooks.

    Make sure Jumprings are secure.


  • How to make a multi-strand bead necklace. Blueberry Cove Beads In Boho - Step 5
    Step 5

    And You're Done!

    I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial and Review!

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