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Sew your own blooper-plushie
( First... xD sorry for my bad english x,x' )
^.^ some years ago I sew a Blooper for me ( and later his wife xD)
unfortunately I don't keep the patters, but I try to reconstruct them. If you want to sew your own blooper, you had to cut this patters a little more symmertic than my sketch ^^

For beginning, you had to bring the sketch on a fluffy fabric ( the face had to be black and the other parts are white) (how logical xDDD), than cut them out ( let some space between the cut and the line o,o because you need some space for sewing = " seam allowance") and sew first the break in the body together, so blooper will not have a hole in his head :D
than sew the two head-things at the top togehter (only the blue-part) and sew the inside-leg-part in the middle together (red-part).
Now sew the inside-leg-part to the legs on the body. After, you had to sew the whole body but the part, where the head-thing will be sewing to the body. And, when you sew the body xD don't forget the arms :3, just sew them at the broken line to the body( broken line there where the two body-parts will sew together) ... pay heed that the armes are on the right side o,o ... else your blooper will have square-armes xD
at last, sew the head-thing on the body and let a little hole. the little hole you need to turn the blooper, so that the " seam allowance" is inside ^^. then fill your blooper with wadding an stitch up the hole.
now at the very last :D you hat to sew the face on the blooper-body and paint with white colour the eyes ^_^

>__<''' i hope you can understand my gibberish
if you have any questions :3 send me a mail x.x i try to answer.

in times i will sew some more bloopers and will post a better description.

so enjoy :3

Posted by Hao-chan from Schortens, Lower Saxony, Germany • Published See Hao-chan's 2 projects »

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Happy-Go-Lucky · Nawur, Bamiyan, AF · 8 projects
awwwwww so adorable!

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