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Hooray for bloomers!
These have to be the EASIEST thing I've ever done. I drafted my own pattern. In drafting, pinning, cutting, and sewing, it only took a total of 1.5-2 hours! This was my first attempt at bloomers so I'll most likely use this pair as jammies. The next few will be for wearing under skirts since the weather's cold.

Posted by Jenna A. Published
  • How to make a pair of panties. Bloomers! - Step 1
    Step 1

    **Basic Diagram**

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  • Step 2

    Measure from the place you want the bloomers to sit, all the way down to where you want them to end. Mine came a bit lower than mid-thigh it doesn't matter how long or short you want them. Add about 2-3 inches for hemming. Yes, this much IS needed.

  • Step 3

    Now measure from the side of your hip to your bellybutton (if you want them to sit lower, just make sure you measure from hip to somewhere parallel to your bellybutton). Add 4 or more inches. Seriously! Other wise they won't bunch up like bloomers and when you sew them, they'll be too small.

  • Step 4

    Measure the front of your thigh. DO NOT just measure around your tigh and divide in half. IT WILL NOT COME OUT RIGHT! Add 4 or more inches

  • Step 5

    Find the length from the bottom edge of the bloomer up to your crotch.

  • Step 6

    Draw in the curve. An easy way to do this is to extend the line from the hip to bellybutton measurement downwards and extend the line from the bottom edge- crotch to the side. Where they intersect is where the curve should be.

  • Step 7

    Measure from your hip to the center of your butt, then measure the BACK of your thigh. These two measurements will be larger than your hip-bellybutton and front thigh measurements. Add 4 or more inches to both

  • Step 8

    Use the edge- crotch measurement again and draw in the curve using the same method from step 5. Your pattern pieces are done! ^_^ now cut them out.

  • Step 9

    Fold your fabric ( right sides facing in), lay and pin the pattern, and cut it out so you have 4 seperate fabric pieces.

  • Step 10

    Stitch the left back piece to the left front piece at the sides. Leave the curve for the time being. Do the same with the right pieces.

  • Step 11

    With the pretty sides of the fabric facing eachother, sew the curve from the left piece to the curve from the right piece. ALMOST DONE!! ^_^

  • Step 12

    And FINALLY all you have to do is sew 1 inch casings on the top and on the bottom edges of the bloomers. Then, either thread a ribbon long enough to go through the top and tie a bow or thread an elastic that is an inch or two shorter than where the bloomers will sit and distribute the bunches evenly. Do the same with where they end, and enjoy your new bloomers!! ^_^

  • Step 13


    I suggest using the ribbon method for the bottom of the bloomers.

    It's easily adjustable and it won't cut off any circulation, mark the skin, or cause discomfort that the elastic can cause.



Panda-Goes-Rawr · 5 projects
i shall make jammies Happy
Kay · Châtel, Rhone-Alpes, FR
Nice clear instructions! Might try these - they're cute!
Courtney N.
Courtney N. · Baltimore, Maryland, US
yay! i have some adorable hello kitty fabric and i've been trying to make bloomers with them forever! thanks!
Pinky T.
Pinky T. · Spring Hill, Florida, US · 7 projects
Oh that is the cutest fabric in the world.
Nelly ^_^
Nelly ^_^ · Fairfax Station, Virginia, US · 12 projects
what kind of material would u recomend?
Ciara · 68 projects
MAKING NOW! How do you draw the initial desigh though? Im a bit stuck.
Maraluce M.
Maraluce M. · Rotterdam, South Holland, NL · 3 projects
That's so adorable ^^
♫Nia~ · 1 project
these are amazingly cute *_*
I'm a begginer at sewing, so hopefully I can do this ^_^
thanks for sharing!
Courtney Couture
Courtney Couture · Keller, Texas, US · 20 projects
so cute and not as expensive as those spankies here in the US!
ShinigamiMiu · Wales, Wales, GB
seriously cute!!!
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