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Bling! Rhinestone Ipod Cover

Rhinestone Ipod Cover • Posted by Char P.

Some people like to stick shells on things I like to rhinestone everything in sight! :P

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Some people like to stick shells on things I like to rhinestone everything in sight! :P


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    Collect all the things you'll need The Rhinestones vary in cost depending on quality and brand. swarovski it the most expensive I know of but I prefer these but any will do You may also want some small bowls to sort sizes and colors into Don't forget to cover you work space!

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    Plan your design Use your double sided tape(or ordinary) place it on the areas you want to rhinestone set the rhinestones on. (Try do this neater than my quick example :p) Now you know your design will fit.

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    Carefully peel the tape off in one piece or sections. keep the rhinestones on so you can use them as a guide and can easily keep track of them when your gluing or Sometimes I like to just balance the stones on a small area and take a photo and just refer to it on the camera

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    Follow the instruction on the back of your glue packet. Use mixing stick included or match stick/toothpick ect... Glue a small line on the case. Quickly stick the stones on and gently push down on them. I used clear Araldite glue it comes in 2 parts and only activates when both parts are mixed. This is handy cos the glue doesn't dry in the tube. also The longer a glue takes to dry the stronger it is or so I'm told. The one I used took 3 days to bond properly

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    Use the que tips and nail polish remover to clean up stray glue.

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    Show it off to all non sparkly ipod people :)