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renew using bleach :)
Wellll this was fun and easy :)

I used my old cardigan... laid down the pattern...put some additional paper in between so the bleach doesn't go to the back side of the cardigan... traced it and used a thin paint brush to apply bleach in X pattern... use old brush coz you will have to trow it away when you are finish coz the bleach is gonna eat that puppy up :) Firstly i X-ed on the heart line to give it shape and then i filed it up randomly :)
At the end I just left it to dry a bit...like 5-10min and then washed it :)
Funny thing is that the cardigan was washing of its color so the bleached parts gain this light blue green tint :) cool :) didn't expect that but nice twist at the end :)

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  • How to bleach a bleached sweater. Bleach Button Up Cardigan - Step 1
    Step 1

    I think its quite easy to follow even without the tutorial picture but I made them so here they are :)

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