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quick jam ideal as a gift
i am doing a christmas hamper for my parents, and to keep it cheap i am making some things myself. this is much quicker than other methods - no exact quantities, just use what you have and check the taste. sorry i have no pictures if the real thing, my camera is on the blink!

Posted by Lucy F. from Newport, Wales, United Kingdom • Published
  • Step 1

    put your blackberries in a big pan, if they are frozen don't worry. turn them onto a low heat while you boil some water in the kettle.

  • Step 2

    when the water is boiled, almost cover the blackberries with the water, and turn up the heat. stir them, mashing as you go

  • Step 3

    about 2 minutes after adding the water, add some sugar (keep tasting it) until it tastes good, and continue mashing with your spoon. if this isn't going brilliantly or you're impatient, use a potato masher.

  • Step 4

    sift in some cornflour (sifting is important with corflour, trust me. and i mean some, about a tbsp at the most) and keep stirring. put the lid on and leave it on a low heat for as long as you've got. (half an hour is fine)

  • Step 5

    remove the lid to let any excess moisture evaparate. the jam should be quite thick when it has all evaparated. sprinke in a PINCH of gelatine and pour into a jar.

  • Step 6

    you're pretty much done now. leave it to set in the fridge, if you are a veggie and don't do gelatin, just add a little extra cornflour but make sure you boil it out or it will taste like flour! TIP: i got my jars from ikea £1.99 for 4.



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