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my wedding attendants will be wearing these
(((I meant to add "netting" and not "veil" to the title of this, because it's not really a veil at all. But oh well, that's what I get for posting things late at night, right before bed. And I can't change it now, and it seems like a waste to delete everything and repost...)))

This was pretty simple to do - the black and white organza flower had already been made, and the feathers attached. (Those are black turkey and natural guinea hen feathers.) The spray, made of silver beading wire, pearls, and crystal beads had also already been made and put on.

The organza flowers are simple to make, and there are lots of good tutorials out there. This is one:

Also, making the "spray" or "vine" isn't that hard either. All you need is thin jewelry wire, whatever beads you want to use, and some pliers. There is a nice tutorial for that here:

I am making my own white birdcage veil, and thought that these fascinators needed a little bit of french netting, too. I have 2 attendants, and both of them are blonde, so the black netting will stand out really well against their hair, I think. The netting is something I had bits of laying around - I think I used an 8" piece or so.

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