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Black Sequin Bow Belt

Gossip Girl-style Black Sequin Bow Belt • Posted by carlyjcais

Throw on over a little party skirt or add a bit of feminine pizzazz to a regular white tee!

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Throw on over a little party skirt or add a bit of feminine pizzazz to a regular white tee!


  1. Small step1 1298632123

    Cut 2 lengths of the sequin trim, about 6" long each.

  2. Small step2 1298632233

    Hand-stitch the long edges together to make a single piece 2" wide by 6" long, overlapping the sequins as you go to camouflage where the pieces are sewn together.

  3. Small step3 1298633475

    Fold the short ends of the 6" piece together to make a loop. Hand-sew the ends together.

  4. Small step4 1298633514

    Place a rubber band around the center of this loop to create a bow shape. (I had to loop it twice over to make it tight enough.)

  5. Small step5 1298633550

    Cut a short piece of the trim about 3-4" long.

  6. Small step6 1298633557

    Wrap this piece around the rubber-band to disguise it, and hand-stitch the ends together at the back of your bow. (I also folded the long edges of the short piece towards the center because I liked the proportions better.)

  7. Small step7 1298633834

    Hand-stitch the bow onto the center of your remaining trim.

  8. Small step8 1298634053

    Try on the belt to make sure the trim doesn't go all the way around your waist, even when stretched. (We need it to be shorter so the elastic can be the closure area at the back.) Cut the ends of the sequin trim to shorten it if necessary. Fold the end of the trim under itself, place on top of the end of the elastic, and hand-stitch down. (Tip: Heat-sealing the edges of the elastic once you cut them with an open flame will prevent fraying.)

  9. Small step9 1298634060

    Do the same to the other end of the trim and the other end of the elastic piece.

  10. Small step10 1298634070

    Cut the elastic piece in the center, and try on the belt.

  11. Small step11 1298634317

    Fold the elastic under itself at the point where it overlaps about 1/2 - 1" at your back. Trim the elastic with about 1" extra, heat-seal the edges, and fold under.

  12. Small step12 1298634344

    Stitch down.

  13. Small step13 1298634364

    Create the closure for the back: I chose to use heavy-duty snaps, but if you don't have a snap-setter you can use sew-on snaps, or a piece of velcro instead.

  14. Small step14 1298634379

    If you're using the heavy-duty snaps, make holes for the snaps with an awl, small scissors, or hole punch, and set the snaps according to their directions.