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Black Magic Make Up

Create a witchy glam Egyptian make-up look that's perfect for Halloween. • Posted by Scarlett Hews

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  1. Small black1 1286061167

    Start by priming the eye and then sweeping Electro White eyeshadow across the socket.

  2. Small black2 1286061372

    Starting at the edge of the eye create a flick with Electro Purple eyeshadow and then move to the center of the socket. Blend with the white using your middle finger.

  3. Small black3 1286061631

    Brush a line of purple under the eye with an angled eyeliner brush to get a really neat line.

  4. Small black4 1286061724

    Using Electro black as an eyeliner, create a think line along the top of the eye.

  5. Small black5 1286061826

    Take this out in to a flick beneath the purple.

  6. Small black6 1286061883

    Now create a very think black line below the purple, underneath the eye to create an exaggerated look.

  7. Small black7 1286061987

    Using eyeliner seal with Electro White eyeshadow and apply to the inner eye and work out. This will really bring out the eyes and make them look wider.

  8. Small black8 1286062118

    Blend the shadow on the top and bottom of the eye using a large fluff brush.

  9. Small black9 1286062222

    Apply a coat of black mascara to the lashes.

  10. Small black10 1286062321

    Finish the look by applying some Sparkle Mania lipgloss on the lips.