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a project that can be completed in less than an hour :]
i happened to find about 5 yds. of black faux fur fabric at a local thrift shop for $4 :D

- about 1 yd. faux fur
- adjustable strap (i used a Guitar Hero guitar strap)
- screw-on metal spikes (4)
- 2-prong pyramid metal studs

btw, i did try to upload tutorial pics, but it failed :/
i'll try to get them on soon.

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  • Step 1

    the easiest part. i wanted the bag to be rectangular, but you can do whatever by altering the measurements.

    i left 0.5" for the seam.

  • Step 2

    have the fabrics right side facing each other. sew up all the sides but one. this will be the opening of the bag.

    repeat with lining.

  • Step 3

    attach the strap.

    i did this by simply cutting 2 small holes at the top of each side seam (where the strap will eventually go)
    and on the strap and screwed in the spikes.

    *for more security, i cut 4 small squares of dense cardboard, and put the spikes through those as well, so the spikes don't fall out :O

  • Step 4

    next comes the lining.

    flip black purse part inside out. slip the lining right side out to where it becomes the "outside" of the bag. pin lining to the opening of the bag. make sure the edges are aligned.

    only sew the lining to the opening of the bag.

  • Step 5

    flip bag right side out.

    fold the opening of the bag over about 0.5" - 1".


    you can embellish the bag with whatever you please: studs, pins, etc.

    enjoy :]
    sorry if this was long or confusing. its my 1st tut, so bear with me.

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