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Black Embellished Bib Necklace

Black Embellished Bib Necklace ("The Sinner") • Posted by carlyjcais

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  1. Cut piece of felt in a shape like a jellybean, about 4.5" wide by 3" high. (not pictured)

  2. Small devil2 1273070302

    Either hand or machine-sew ends of satin ribbon onto front sides of felt.

  3. Small devil3 1273070333

    Hand-sew jewel embellishments...

  4. Small devil4 1273070345

    (and/or attach rhinestone grommets) onto felt.

  5. Small devil5 1273070349

    Use Scribbles paint to dab tiny little dots around each rhinestone embellishment...

  6. Small devil6 1273070355

    - and then outline the entire bib.

  7. Small devil7 1273070361

    5. Allow to dry 24+ hours...

  8. Small devil8 1273070415

    then cut ribbon in half and treat cut ends with Fray-Stop or an open flame to seal.

  9. Small devil10 1273070421

    Tie around neck, and wear like the little Devil you are.:-)