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A one piece corset made with a black leather look-alike.
Ages ago I ordered a corset ages ago and it was cheap and flimsy with a zipper so it of course didn't fit properly. I took it apart yesterday and used it as a pattern. Cutting out at least an inch extra for seam allowance and whatnot halfway through I got a little lost to what I was doing and did some research and had to cut some lining and the like withouth using the pattern. It was tricky but in the end there aren't too many things wrong with it. (one side bunches oddly when I wear it and I forgot to count the eyelets so it's an uneven number and I spaced them too far apart. XD it's really good other than that!) I made it to wear at an upcoming event as my steampunk corset but I think that I might be better off making another one in a different fabric. It was fun to make though.

My biggest mistake was forgetting that the hips on my dress-form don't go nearly as wide as mine (hereditary big hips for the win!) Which is why it bunches a little at the side oops.

Peaches and Cheerio!

ps- anyone want a tut? or does anyone think it's sell worthy? I've been neglecting my shop since cutting my hand badly while sewing and maybe this is what I needed to get back on the ball. Hmmmmm...

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MadBon · Birmingham, Alabama, US · 1 project
I vote definitely for making a tutorial! It looks very well done.
Mistress Apathy
Mistress Apathy · Clifton, New Jersey, US · 25 projects
very nice
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Great job Victoria. I have a short waist so have to come up with fixes for patterns. You could get rid of the side bunches by cutting a curve at the side where your hip is. A bit like an upside down U, sort of like a shoulder pad shape. Using the bit you have cut out make a gusset by cutting it in half, add a long thin triangle to each straight edge too make up for extra needed and add seam allowance all way round curve edge. When you sew it in place it will create a wing Happy
mew Aeris
mew Aeris · Orlando, Florida, US · 5 projects
Very cute, it looks great!
Mrs. Wolfe
Mrs. Wolfe · Pismo Beach, California, US · 14 projects
"what" not "wat"- wat is for lightbulbs. And Steampunk is an offspring of science fiction centered around the 1980s and 1990s clothing style. Mostly based on the "what if" factor for if things from the ...future were in the past but all steampowered. Because its being created from fantasy there is a lot of room to do things that aren't "era appropriate" like colored hair or dreadlock extensions. You can find a lot of great examples if you just google "steampunk".
KraftyKonves · 2 projects
sry but wat is this steampunk ??

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