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now all i need is a doll house! lol

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  • Step 1

    first you need to gather your materials .the key to this look is perfect skin for that plastic doll look.
    youll need

    concealer [for dark marks]
    powder or liquid foundation
    cosmetic sponges and powder brush
    eye primer
    White, Turqois and royal blue eyeshadow
    pink lipstick and gloss
    black eyeliner

  • Step 2

    start with the face, cover ant dark marks with the concealer or creme foundation, i am using cover girl queen creme collection creme foundation number 505

    then, i used powder to set and make my tone even and flawless the powder i used is black opal powder in earth 5

  • How to create a natural eye makeup. Black Barbie Look - Step 3
    Step 3

    now 4 the eyes cover your entire lid with the white. to prevent fallout, use a post it note to catch any falling dust. just stick it on your cheek under the eye you are working on

    next add the turqouse [or other vibrant color of choice] to the center. gently blend the white and turqoise. next, add the royal blue to the outer edges. to get the "winged" look put clear tape on a slant on the outer corner

  • How to create a natural eye makeup. Black Barbie Look - Step 4
    Step 4

    next the lips, add your pink lipstick of choice covered with a clear or pink gloss. if your pink is a litle too vibrant ,you can tone it down with a reddish or burgindy lip liner

    now sculpt the lips with your lip brush to blend the liners hard line

    if you are new to makeup and would like an affordable brush set eyeslipsface.com sell brushes foe $1.00 i am using thier set of 12 brush set

  • How to create a natural eye makeup. Black Barbie Look - Step 5
    Step 5

    and voila! you look fabulous!
    now where my dream car???

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