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Enjoy having your bird/parrot ride around on your shoulder without the mess on your clothes! :)
These are fantastic for bird/parrot owners! Keep your clothing clean while snuggling with your feathered friend. :) The Birdie Doo-Not Bib. :)

I made one for my BFF for Christmas, which she LOVED- and made myself one for Christmas as well while I was at it. :)

If I'm able to adjust the pattern/design, or find another similar item that I can use somewhat as a pattern, I will create a "version", as I'm looking for one that is longer in the front & back, and has a bit of a "scoop" at the back bottom to keep all the doo on the bib, not your clothes.

You can also sew D-rings into the bib to hang toys from for the birds to play with while they are riding around on your shoulders.

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