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Bird Seed Heart

A lovely gift for any occasion • Posted by Ciara

Very easy to make, and make beautiful gifts for any occasion.

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Very easy to make, and make beautiful gifts for any occasion.


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    Firstly, you need to make your base. Draw a reasonaly sized heart onto your cardboard, or save, resize and then print of the stencil in the picture. You dont want it to be too large, or else it will be too heavy. Id say around 4" Cut this out, then poke a hole large enough for the twine to fit through in it.

  2. Now spread a thin layer of the peanut butter over one side of the cardboard. It doesn't matter if it's messy, just make sure you can't see any cardboard peaking through.

  3. Pour some of the bird seed into the bowl or plate, and then gently press the peanut butter'ed heart into it. Lift it up and check if more or less the whole heart is covered, if not press down again. Once this is done repeat the whole process for the other side of the heart.

  4. Neaten up the edges, you don't want any seeds poking over and ruining your lovely shape! Now the difficult part. Locate your hole, and push a pencil or large needle through it to clear it. Then thread your twine through.

  5. You can hang straight away, but id suggest refridgerating over night so the peanut butter hardens a little, and the seed clings better.

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    Enjoy watching the birds eat your little treat!