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A bioshock spider splicer mask and pipe wrench for halloween
For the mask
I uploaded a paper template for this mask but when I finished it I realised that it was too flimsy and I didn't like being able to see the joints so I decided to alter it (link to template below).
I used thin wire to stiffen the ears, sticking it with masking tape, and alternative layers of paper mache and brown gummed tape to make it harder.
Once this was dry I attached some sandwich bag ties, wrapped in masking tape to soften the edges, to each side of the mask so I could attach some ribbon later.
I then painted it all over with white acrylic paint. I added the detail using gold acrylic paint (If you are unsure about doing this freehand you could print out another copy of the mask and use tracing paper to transfer the pattern.)
The mask was too white and new for a splicer mask so I used some diluted coffee to stain it all darker. I then used some kitchen roll to remove the excess and show some white patches.
Last but not least I splattered some fake blood on for a more realistic look.

For the pipe mask
I cut out the shape of a pipe wrench from a thick piece of corrugated card. I then cut two more pieces making sure to cut out the areas that are usually indented on the wrench. I covered this is paper mache and brown gummed tape. I then painted it and used a dry brush and thick dark brown paint to create the effect of dirt. I also splattered the pipe wrench with fake blood.

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