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10 mins

a nice easy way to get some volume in your hair
this onaly works if you have short layers in your hair if you dont well its still worth a try but im not promising anything

good luck xx

hope you like it

Posted by mia d. from Gateside, Scotland, United Kingdom • Published See mia d.'s 2 projects »
  • How to creatae a hair style. Big Hair - Step 0
    Step 1

    start with straight hair

  • How to creatae a hair style. Big Hair - Step 2
    Step 2

    1. grab a section of hair and pull it up the way

  • How to creatae a hair style. Big Hair - Step 3
    Step 3

    2.spray on some hairspray

  • How to creatae a hair style. Big Hair - Step 4
    Step 4

    3.get the brush(a comb will work aswell)start to back comb that section of hair that you just put hairspray on

  • How to creatae a hair style. Big Hair - Step 5
    Step 5

    4.keep doing this all over the top of your head until you have got all the volume that you want xx

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Elphie · Paisley, Scotland, GB
this is awesome, really easy too Happy my hairs thick and never usually stays up. Lasted all day Happy
Kitlet H.
Kitlet H.
Oh and to stop the messy look, just do it in neat sections and I usually just leave a thin layer of top hair not back-combed and smooth it over the top of the back-combed sections to hide any messiness.
Kitlet H.
Kitlet H.
I love big hair and do this all the time. Really difficult to do with clean hair.
Rosey M.
Rosey M. · Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, US · 2 projects
I use a Bump It, it's soo much easier and stays for longer and looks amazing ;3 you can get them for around $10 @ Claire's, Sally's Beauty, or online ;3
Sarah S.
Sarah S. · La Crosse, Wisconsin, US · 5 projects
Backcombing if done properly isn't harmful. I wouldn't suggest using any old comb, there are combs made just for backcombing. Also if you get it tight enough you can make a good backcomb last for at lest 2 days. I did a very simmilar how-to on my page.
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Backcombing makes my hair look messy, not big! :'( I think I just botched the hair part when God puzzled me together before birth or something like this. x)
Becky<3 · 2 projects
well looking amazing is worth the "unhealthyness" for your hair;)
i always try this cuz i absolutely love it! but my hair has a free thinking mind of its own
Vicky · Colchester, England, GB · 55 projects
It looks cool, but I wouldn't advise doing it often and keep your hair well conditioned since back brushing / combing is terrible for your hair. Does give an awesome effect though :3 I do this sometimes too.
rachel. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 9 projects
Cool!! Your hair is really cool too!!
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 16 projects
That's cool, but isn't back combing unhealthy for your hair?

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