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hese beeswax sheet votive candles are super easy to make and are unbelievably adorable!
Cut a 2.5″ piece of wick for each of your votives. Each strip needs to measure 2″ x 16.5″. Cutting them is easy, simply follow the honeycomb pattern on the sheet. Take your 2.5″ piece of wick and place it about 1/4″ from the end of the beeswax strip and gently fold the beeswax over the wick and press firmly to secure.
If you are doing this on a warm day - the wax will be soft and easy ti manipulate, if however you are doing it on cold day you might need to gently warm the beeswax with an embossing gun or hair dryer
Start with the wick end and carefully and evenly roll your candle into existence. Press the free end into the candle and you are done!

Materials: 8″ x 16.5″ Beeswax Sheets, Cotton Wicking, 8″ Non-Stick Scissors, Ruler, Hair Dryer or Embossing Gun (for colder temperatures)

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