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A Frugal Beautiful Dollar Store Wreath
Often displayed in magazines and on TV, wreaths made from just ornaments can run $40+ at the store. Here is how to make one for under $15 using ornaments found at dollar stores.

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  • Step 1

    Bend the hanger until the opening is circular. Once this is done, untwist the hanger, so it is open.

  • How to make a bauble wreath. Beautiful Ornament Wreath - Step 2
    Step 2

    String the ornaments on. I used groups of 3 large, followed by 1 medium. The medium & small ornaments help to fill in the gaps left by the large ornaments.

    As you add ornaments, twist them around to fit together somewhat tightly, but so that the wire hanger is as hidden as possible.

  • How to make a bauble wreath. Beautiful Ornament Wreath - Step 3
    Step 3

    Once the hanger is full, use pliers to twist the hanger back together. Lay the wreath flat, and play around with the arrangement until the ornaments are where you want them to be.

  • Step 4

    Lift the wreath and shake it just a bit. Any ornaments that fall out of place, you will want to glue back into place, so they won't shift. I do not recommend gluing each ornament to the others.

  • How to make a bauble wreath. Beautiful Ornament Wreath - Step 5
    Step 5

    Form a bow from the ribbon, and arrange the tails to twist in and out of the ornaments, wrapping it around the hanger to move it around. Secure with a pipe cleaner, and spots of glue.

  • How to make a bauble wreath. Beautiful Ornament Wreath - Step 6
    Step 6

    Hang your new wreath, and be the envy of all the neighborhood! You will have a wreath made for under $15, and have friends and neighbors asking just where you got it!



dawn.fiegl · Buffalo, New York, US
So signed up and everything, How do I get instructions on how to make the Christmas Ornament Wreath and other clothes hanger Ideas. My son is a mechanic and has tons of them from work and looking for ways to recycle. Also my dad is wheel chair bound and needs projects to keep his mind busy and seen this wreath one and thought it would be a great one for him to work on because of the large ornaments. Now need the plans for it or the how to do to get him started
Fernanda E.
Fernanda E. · 1 project
I loved this project and made my own !!!
How can I post my picture ?
Heather T.
Heather T. · 2 projects
No, I do not hot glue the ornaments to the wire. I keep twisting and turning until the tabs lay 4 on top of another as flat as can be. When it's full, and the top is re-twisted together, then I will go through and re-arrange the ornaments until they lay where I want them. If they move around from the spot, then I will hot glue them to the other bulbs right next to them.

I did try one wreath gluing to the wire, and it did not work good.
Robin M.
Robin M. · Brainerd, Minnesota, US
Do you hot glue the ornaments to the wire? Or are they just on tight enough not to move around?
I'm in the middle of making one, and could use some help please.
Heather T.
Heather T. · 2 projects
I can't wait to see some of your wreaths! I'm glad you like this Happy
ScentsyVT · Swanton, Vermont, US · 14 projects
Thats really smart. And if you shop year end clearance(like me), you already have these! And you dont have to buy a wreath frame. Sweet!
Robin M.
Robin M. · Brainerd, Minnesota, US
It's absolutely gorgeous!
CaSandra J.
CaSandra J. · Omaha, Nebraska, US
I'm makin' one of these! Thanks!!

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