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Dragonfly Key ring
I love making these. They make your keychain unique from everyone else.

Posted by loveUmuch320 from McHenry, Illinois, United States • Published See loveUmuch320's 2 projects »
  • Step 1

    To put the string onto the key ring you grab the ends and put it throgh a circle you made by putting the middle of the string through the key ring and you pull tight.

  • Step 2

    you put 2 beads on one string and then you bring the other end of the cord through the same beads, but from the opposidt direction. Pull both ends tight.

  • Step 3

    then you put a blue pink blue and you weave them.

    2 pinks then weave

    3 pinks then weave

  • Step 4


    for the wings you put 8 silver beads on one sting then you go through the first silver bead the same way it went out you don't weave you do the opposite. You do the same to the other side.

  • Step 5

    then you do 3 pink and weave

    3 more pink and weave

    then you do the same with the wings here

  • Step 6

    then you do 2 pink weave

    2 pink weave

    1 pink weave

    1 pink weave

  • Step 7

    then you tie a not and put a good amount of clear nail polish on it to make it stay.

  • Step 8

    Any colors that you have you can use it will look great.

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