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20 mins

Based on Bath Bombs by Cat Morley
My version - all yummy, except i had trouble getting them out the mould without breaking so i had to leave them in the mould for ages :)

Posted by Hoolllyyyy :) from Wantage, England, United Kingdom • Published See Hoolllyyyy :)'s 9 projects »

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Hoolllyyyy :)
Hoolllyyyy :) · Wantage, England, GB · 9 projects
The Instructions for making them is on the one i've done a version off... If that makes any sense, Bath Bombs by Cat Morely..

Yeahh, i did think that it was probably the shape as the reason i couldnt get them out well, some of them worked though, Although i think i did pack enough in, i did it for ages, i think it is just the shape really :/
MaggPye_xo · Hamilton, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
I've done a bunch of research, and there's probably 2 reasons you couldn't get them out without breaking them. 1) The shape you picked. The points of the star aren't very strong, and will crack off easily. 2) It looks like you haven't packed enough into the mold, and haven't packed it hard enough.

It's kind of a matter of practice makes perfect, from what I've read about making these things. I haven't attempted my own quite yet.
Hailey M.
Hailey M. · Thunder Bay, Ontario, CA
how do you make them ?
Hoolllyyyy :)
Hoolllyyyy :) · Wantage, England, GB · 9 projects
I was thinking of giving them as a presant, dont think im going to anymore though Happy
Yeppp Ikea Happy
Pink Custard
Pink Custard · 1 project
lool they look really cute - you could use them as presents or somethingHappy
i like the mould as well ;) did you get it from ikea? coz i swear ive seen it in there!x

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