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Bat motif scarf with pockets
I used the motif/bat pattern from Island of misfit patterns (link included) I added pockets because I've fancied making a scarf with pockets for a while. I travel to work on the bus everyday and in order to stay awake (and sane) I knit, this was my latest bus project. I used a cotton/acrylic because wool makes me itch. The pockets are great for keeping my yarn in when I'm knitting on the bus!

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  • How to make a knit scarf / crochet scarf. Bat Scarf Of Warmth And Comfort - Step 1
    Step 1

    Firstly, you need to decide if you want to make the 'perfect' version of the scarf, which reqires making 4 pieces and then weaving them together. Or, you can make the one piece version. If you choose the one piece version half of your bats will be slightly imperfect because you'll knt them upside down (see left bat)My scarf is the 'imperfect' version

  • Step 2

    So, head on over to Island of Misfit Patterns and get the 36 row bat motif pattern, here's the link: http://www.islandofmisfitpatterns.com/2007/08/21/fu/

    Imperfect Scarf (1 piece)
    Cast on 39 sts
    Knit 9 rows
    Work 3 rows in stocking stitch, ending with a K row
    Work bat motif backwards (ie start with row 36)
    Work 9 rows stocking stitch (maintaining garter stitch borders)ending with a Purl row

  • Step 3

    Purl 1 row (now you have your first pocket!)
    Work 17.5 cm in stocking stitch starting with a K row and ending with a P row
    Work bat motif 6 times, starting with row 1 this time so you get'perfect' bats.
    Knit 3 rows (gives you a cute little ridge in the middle of your scarf)
    Work bat motf 6 times starting with row 36, giving you your 'imperfect bats)

  • Step 4

    Work 17.5 cm in stocking stitch, ending with a P row
    Work 9 rows stocking stitch, starting and finishing with a P row
    Work 1 bat motif, starting with row 1
    Work 3 rows in stocking stitch
    Knit 9 rows
    Cast off

  • Step 5

    Fold your 2 end bats over the stocking stitch sections and stitch up the sides to make your pockets.

    Weave in any ends

    Wear and enjoy!

  • Step 6

    Perfect version (4 pieces)
    Pockets (make 2)
    Cast on 39 sts
    Work 9 rows st st, ending with a p row
    Work bat motif once
    Work 3 rows st st
    K9 rows
    Cast off

  • Step 7

    Main sections (make 2)
    Cast on 39 sts
    Work 17.5 cm st st, ending with a p row
    Work bat motif 6 times
    Place stitches on a holder
    When both pieces are done, cast off both edges together (3 needle cast off) to give you a cute ridge in the middle of the scarf

  • Step 8

    You should now have 3 pieces, 2 pockets and one main section

    Attach the pockets, weave in any ends and wear and enjoy!

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pittysoares · 6 projects
This is such a cool scarf! Unfortunately I'm not very good at knitting difficult patterns :I

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