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  1. get a old pair of jeans that you dont mind messing up on....or that you just wanna upcycle. PT.1 YOU WILL NEED: -jeans(duh!) -scissors -seam ripper

  2. take your scissors and cut thick or thin (depending on how you prefer them(im using thick)slits.start cutting about 2 inches below the crotch area and down till you have about 6½ inches left at the end of your jean(this extra length is optional you could go all the way down if you want) P.S.we do this on each leg(lol)&& im leaving the extra 6 inches.

  3. now you should have apx.9 slits on each now using your seam ripper you go on the bottom of each slit(make sure its the BOTTOM not TOP of each slit)an fray the edge to give it a not so clean look P.S.i have found using a sharp knife or sharp scissors work better... just watch you FINGERS!!!!!.(make sure you do each leg)

  4. PT.2 YOU WILL NEED(optional) -your jeans(duh) -bleach -bucket -gloves(if you want 2) -rubber bands now this is the were the bleach and bucket come in you dont have to do it but i think it gives the jean a professional look.... after you finished part 1: mix a tad bit of warm water and about a cup or maybe 2 of bleach. then get about 3 or 4 rubber bands and tie them randomly around you jeans P.S.the different ways you tie your bands equal different bleach designs(so experiment a lil) after you tied your jeans put them in the bucket of bleach & water mixture soak for about 6min(BUT KEEP A CLOSE EYE)& time varies on how light or dark you want them

  5. now after you got the perfect bleach design... pull them out the bleach and put them in the sink an run HOT! water on them an squeeze out as much of the bleach you can. way is to roll and push down as hard as you can about 5 times over and over

  6. WASH TIME -run them in the washer ALONE(or with WHITE items) on COLD!. water(dry & wash as usual)

  7. NASTY BLEACH SMELL!!!! now to get rid of the bleach smell you have 2 options: 1.wash jeans a millions times over an over an over(not recommend) 2.go 2 the link below =)

  8. NOW; TIME TO SEW!!! [this step is also optional] we are makeing these flares to skinny jeans... so all you need to do is simply: 1.cut your jeans at the top of the last slit. 2.Turn them inside out && trace along your legs all the way up to your crotch area make sure you leave enough room to move around when you wear them sew along the line that you traced HELP: -Did you survive wave 1?? -YAY!!! off to wave 2

  9. Now the last and final step Get some fabric glue and lace -im gonna use black,pink,&& green lace flip your pants inside out and glue the lace anyway you want behind the slits you made && THERE YOU HAVE IT SEXY&&SKOOL APPROVED