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With the unbearable summer months soon to be upon us I thought I would share one of my favorite, and easiest, dessert recipes to help you guys stay cool once the weather gets sweltering.
I actually like this recipe so much because it takes well to being varied up. One of my favorite additions is peanut butter, I usually add about a tablespoon or so to the bananas as I’m wizzing them up in the food processor. I also like adding hot salted caramel, chocolate chips and sometimes even other fruit like frozen peaches or strawberries. The texture comes out just like ice cream and if you have particularly difficult children that don’t like eating anything healthy then you can easily trick them with this recipe. It literally tastes just like regular ice cream, but only has the calories of a banana or two.

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  • How to make banana ice cream. Banana Ice Cream  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Slice your banana into semi regular chunks, place onto a cookie sheet and set in your freezer to chill until frozen solid. For me this takes about two hours but if you’ve got a better freezer this could take a lot less time.

  • How to make banana ice cream. Banana Ice Cream  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Then literally all you do is mix it all up in your food processor until it comes to this consistency. If you’ve ever made any kind of nut butter in a food processor then you know what to expect. I also suggest that you add your variations, if you’re using them and they’re not hot, to the might right about now so that you can get even dispersal.

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