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My first attempt at the sewing machine!
So, here is my first sewed thing ever!
My mum explained the sewing machine yesterday, and because I already knew the techniques of hów to make something, since I made things when I was little, but just by hand, it turned out pretty well!
It's just a simple bag, wanted to keep it simple for my first attempt. I used fabric from an old pillowcase and a shirt which didn't fit anymore.
Unfortunately, my mum spilled some wine over it yesterday evening, but I'm going to wash that out obviously, but I really wanted to upload it, so please just don't look at the stain(s).

I think you can do this in 1 hour or something, but because I don't have that much experience and our sewing machine is like 20 yrs old, so I had troubles all the time which hindered me, I did it in like three hours : P

Posted by Apollonia D. from Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands • Published


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