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Meet the Bad Things 1 & 2, Be careful or they'll kill you.
My mom and Dad have this thing where they call me and my sister their "Things". I'm Thing 1 and she's Thing 2. They got it from the 'Cat in the Hat' book. For Christmas I made my mom these two little 'Bad Things' ornaments. I didn't want to do the happy ones in red from the book. So I made little evil versions. I know they don't look quite right, I'm not very good at sculpting very small. They're only about 2 1/2 inches tall.

I gave Thing 1 an ax, and Thing 2 a knife. I sculpted them out of black and white fimo. Then I used paint to touch up a few spots, fill in the razor teeth, and to add the blood. Painting 'Thing' on the chests was the hardest part of all. I even made a box to keep them in when they get packed away. My mom loved them.

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