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How to make manly flowers.
Cutoutandkeep isn't letting me make this a how-currently..And I'm not too great at giving instructions.. But, here you go. And Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by Ferochia Coutura from Fairmont, West Virginia, United States • Published See Ferochia Coutura's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    1. Preheat over to 375.
    2. Drill holes into the cups of your mini muffin pan, and wash off the metal shavings. [[This is to let the bacon grease drain into a pan that should be placed on a rack under the muffin pan]]
    3. Roll the bacon tightly and set into the pan. It doesn't matter what kind of bacon you use, but I do suggest leaner bacon. Mine had a lot of fat on it, and the roses aren't as crispy or brown as I'd like. They did, however, turn out well.
    4. Place the pan with the rolled bacon into the pre-heated oven for 30-40 minutes.
    5. While you're waiting for your bacon to cook, you can prepare the stems. Pull the entire bud [green part and all] of each rose off.
    6.Take off all of the petals, and put the bud part back together.
    7. Push the bud? [I really don't know the name for it..] back onto the stem, pushing it down about an inch or so.
    8. Once your bacon come out, l it cool a bit and then push it down onto the stem.

    You can then put it into a vase, if you choose. If you have questions or anything you need me to make more clear feel free to ask. I'm sorry this wasn't very clear, but they dooooo come out looking like roses and they're a really cool idea for valentine's day. [:

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Crafta La Vista
Crafta La Vista · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 33 projects
love these, very cool - shared it on my craft blog! http://craftalavista.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/bacon-and-roses.html
ZanyDays · Twin Falls, Idaho, US · 122 projects
He doesn't know it yet, but my man's V day dinner just got better! Thanks for this!
Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
hilarious, gross and wonderful all at once Happy
Ferochia Coutura
Ferochia Coutura · Fairmont, West Virginia, US · 9 projects
Thank you : They were super easy, too. It was my first time making bacon, though, and raw bacon feels disgusting.
ZanyDays · Twin Falls, Idaho, US · 122 projects
Oh and that "bud" part that you push back onto the stem is called a sepal ;)
Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
I saw this on Student Beans the other day and thought 'no way can that be real!'
Nice to know it IS possible, they look great Happy

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