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Selfie like a 90's kid!!! Feeling nostalgic? Why not pick up your gameboy colour and take some selfies!?!
We've all taken a selfie, but take your selfie back in history by taking one on your gameboy colour and printing it out to stick all over the place using your awesome Gameboy Printer and camera!

You can buy all of these items off of ebay at a reasonable price; note of advice, be cautious with buying the official Nintendo printer rolls as they are out of date and may not work properly. The paper I found worked best is the white roll and any sort of receipt paper.

The great thing about the official nintendo printer paper though is that they're awesome stickers that I've already plastered the house wife.

And don't put the paper on top of the radiator (it's thermal reactive, you'll end up with a roll of black paper that's completely useless!)

Have fun selfieing like you're a ninties kid!

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