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Baby showers are fun... playing in a baby shower is awesome!
I know that it depends on Mom's decision to play at a Baby Shower or not, but I also know that whenever your cousin, or your sister or your best friend asks you to help her with the games, sometimes you get lost and clueless LOL! I learned some of these watching other Baby Showers and some of them I created myself (or at least I haven't seen them anywhere else =D. It is easy to go shop some of them, but if you can DIY and give them your personal touch, people usually thanks it. I hope they are useful, specially for begginers =D.

This is really simple, because more than half of the material you need to do Baby Shower Games can be found in any crafter house =D, piece of cake already!

Something really important for you to cheer the guest to participate is to give presents for the winners, you don't have to give a luxurious gift, your guests will be really enchanted with a little present like a lolly pop for the third place and a little bag of candies for the first place, the trick is to make them attractive, for example putting a nice ribbon on the presents or a winner sticker. The point in giving a prize is not the prize itself... is winning! That's where they'll be pointing to.

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  • Step 1


    This is the easiest, I think, and it's something you can play the whole afternoon, besides it will give a more interactive role to Mommy. Advise your guests not to cross their legs, if they do, Mommy will paint them a freckle with a pencil eyeliner... as we women are really used to crossing our legs, your guests willend up full of freckles LOL!

  • How to make a party planning. Baby Shower Games - Step 2
    Step 2


    Ok, for this you need a metallic board or something similar and small magnets the size of an M&M. Draw a baby with an opened mouth on the board the bigger you can draw your baby, the better. In this case my baby shower was for a girl, so you can also take that for a reference

  • How to make a party planning. Baby Shower Games - Step 3
    Step 3

    Here is a sample of the magnets I used. I bought 10 magnets of 3 different colors for about 1.5 USD each color, but you can use just two colors.

  • How to make a party planning. Baby Shower Games - Step 4
    Step 4

    Place your board on a wall (preferable) and count two steps away from the board. Place your players there and let them shoot the magnets, the one who places more magnets of their color INSIDE the mouth of the baby is the winner.

  • Step 5


    Use words naming the things the baby will use, for example: pacifier, diaper, bottle, bib, toy, cradle, and so on, use at least 10 words in a word search, your guests will get competitive with these type of games. NOTE: the template I have is in Spanish, but if you want, I can make a template in English, just get in contact =D

  • How to make a party planning. Baby Shower Games - Step 6
    Step 6


    Pick up 10 boards of tissue paper (5 pink and 5 blue) divide your guests in two groups, or choose 3 people for each team, give them 3 minutes to create a Baby Costume and dress one of the members of their team as a baby...JUST WITH THE PAPER... yes, you read well, no stappler,no magic tape, nothing, just the paper and their creativity... you'll find the results really interesting... let the Mommy be the judge, for this game instead of giving a special price, give all your participants a lolly pop. By this time they'll be really cheerful =D

  • Step 7


    Choose another 3 people and give each a piece of Play Doh... ask them to make a Baby Sculpture... Once more let the Mommy be the judge.

  • Step 8


    Hide Baby articles around the house (10 recomended) make two lists with 5 articles each and choose another 4 people, two for each team and ask them to find the articles, the first team that completes their list is the winner.

  • Step 9


    I think this is the typical, but let's explain it anyway:

    Make two huge baby bibs, choose another 4 people, two of them will be seating in the middle of everybody wearing the bibs. Blindfold the other two, spin them 4 times in front of the seating girls and let the rest of their team give them directions for them to feed their "babies" The first team to end up a cup of baby food is the winner.

  • Step 10


    Fill two baby bottles with soda or somethind difficult to drink through a baby bottle, in any case you have to make a bigger hole on the top of the pacifier, to make it faster. Choose another two participants and make them race to see who ends up the bottle first. NOTE: to make this game more interesting and if you know well the participants, you can play hard with them, put some chili sauce on the soda... you'll see it gets funnier for everybody, including the participants

  • Step 11


    This is a variant of "Pin the tail on the donkey" If you did the baby on the metallic board, you can make a drawing of a pacifier and paste a magnet to it, you'll save a lot of time, if the metallic board is not your option, draw a baby in a bigger size along with a pacifier, choose another 2 people and play the game just like pin the tail on the donkey.

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Tracy C.
Tracy C. · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 10 projects
I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister next month. Thanks for the ideas!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL sounds as a lot of fun .LOL like the games ;-D
Spica · 18 projects
Those are cute. Now I just need to befriend a pregnant person.

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