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make your own baby panda to accompany your off-mood days
this panda is an alternative/modified version from the sock teddy project (not my project):

that project was made based on the project here:


I made this when my mood is off and now he always accompanies me during my off-mood days during the snowy winter (yes, its still snowing here!) :(

PS. the pattern I made is attached above

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  • How to make a panda plushie. Baby Po Panda Plushie - Step 1
    Step 1

    the trick to make this panda is easy, you just need to stuff your sock as much as possible to make him FAT.

    (refer to the link above for the original project)

    the secret of using a stretchy material such as sock for a soft toy is its very stretchy so when you made the pattern it should be slightly bigger than the actual finished shape you wanted. I attached the pattern I made for this panda. hope it helps :)

    OPTIONAL: if you don't have the black socks to make the ears, hands and feet you can make it from the same white material then color it black with fabric marker after you sew it. make a round border so you don't stain the other parts, then color carefully.

    PS. to make him even fatter you can fold the front collar of his cloth inside and sew it to make it firm. enjoy!

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