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Crazy Dangly earrings!
I think someone pretty confident will end up wearing these! They're really simple to make (especially if you've done this kinda thing before) and look so cool (just be careful not to get them caught in your hair - not so cool). I would have liked to have some more pendants but its difficult to find really good ones which aren't ridiculously expensive. I wanted a lil' skull and since I'm terrible with fimo I guess I'll just have to wait till halloween. Mostly I just cut up old jewellery I never wear and use the parts of it I like (thats how I got the jewel for this).

Posted by Mary P. from London, United Kingdom • Published See Mary P.'s 13 projects »

  • Step 1

    Once you've gathered all of your materials you can start by placing your beads on the head pins (bear in mind the bead hole will have to be small enough so that it doesn't just slip right off!) Once your bead is just resting on the pin, bend the top round using your pliers so that you have a little loop on top which you can then slide your chain onto. (sorry about the crummy picture) Do this for all of your beads/pendants and then attach the other end of the chain to a jump ring. I suggest 8 beads with chains so you have 4 for each ear. Then attach the jump ring to the earring hoop and - Voilà! (sorry this is all squished onto one step - my computer wouldn't let me do more than one for some reason)

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