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Great bag for baby, beach, toys, sports stuff!!!! I LOVE this bag!!!!!
Please note you only need 4 - quarter pieces of fabric (not 4 yards)! I need to apologize to the person who originally posted this tutorial online (I don't have the name so I can't giver her credit! :( But if you end up finding it online, please let me know so I can thank her!)

by the way, I have this bag filled with 3 very large beach towels, sneakers, and 4 bathing suits!!!! I can only imagine what the 6-quarter bag would be like!

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yanine b.
yanine b. · 10 projects
Thanks, Dessah! My brother's mother-in-law made one for my sister as a gift for her baby shower. It was in boy colors but I was amazed at how much she packed in the bag so I looked all over to find a tutorial or pattern for this. And just so you know, I've only been sewing for a few months and found this to be very easy! I have plans to make many more as gifts and will post them, too! Happy Let me know if you have any questions, too! Happy

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Oh! I bought a bag like that!...but mine was like $30. Happy

Where was this tutorial when I needed it? lol

Yours looks very professional though. I'd totally pay money for that. ;)