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Arty Notebooks

I wanted to make my plain black notebooks for uni more interesting :) • Posted by Maybe

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  1. Small 14426

    #1 Photograph 'Muse' notebook. Cut out a range of pictures from a newspaper/magazine with a simlilar theme or colour scheme. Glue them to your notebook in an interesting arrangement.

  2. Small 14430

    Pick out details such as words by covering them with a square of sticky back plastic.

  3. Small 14442

    Cut out pictures in different shapes and stick them over other pictures.

  4. Small 14433

    #2 Chanel/Fashion Notebook. Make a collage of magazine clipping based around a theme. Overlap the pictures to fill the whole of the notebook cover. Cover images with sticky back plastic of you want to ensure they stay in place.

  5. Small 14434

    I really liked this photo by itself so stuck it on the back cover of my notebook.

  6. Small 14431

    #3 Lyric diary. Be inspired by a favourite song lyric or quote and spell it out in cut out letters of different colours, shapes and sizes. [Lyrics from All Star by Smash Mouth]

  7. Small 14440

    #4 Arty Sketchpad. Use clippings with contrasting colours so the sketchbook cover stands out.