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Armenian Boregs!

Cheesy stuffed goodness. • Posted by peekaboo

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    Get your ingredients! I don't know exact amounts, I always just sort of eyeball it. You will need: 1. Around 2 cups of jack cheese (probably less would be perfectly fine, I always end up having too much in the end anyway and have to toss it!) 2. A small handful of finely chopped parsley. 3. Puff Pastry sheets! I love the Pepperidge Farm ones, it's what we've always used. You can also make your own dough, but I'm super lazy and this puff pastry stuff is just awesome. 4. I also forgot! I'm so stupid! An egg! You need an egg! Pretend there's a cute little egg in the tiny spot between the box, the pastry, and the parsley.

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    Combine the parsley, cheese, and egg in a bowl.

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    Mix it all up until all of the cheese has some egg on it. If you see dry cheese, make sure you keep mixing. I honestly don't know what would happen if you missed a spot, because I never have. Maybe it will make your oven explode. Maybe the whole Earth. Either way, I'm not going to be the one to find out.

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    Cut up the sheet of pastry into thirds, both directions. In each box it will come with two sheets. If you plan to use both sheets, you'll need to double the recipe. Or maybe not, if you don't pack your boregs like I do. Plus with all of the extra, you really may not need it. ANYWAY, cut up the sheet. Put a small amount of the strange mixture onto each piece.

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    You'll want to press the goopy mixture together so it's easier to fold these babies in half. Fold them all into triangles. You'll want to really press down the edges and make sure they're sticking, or else the insides will pour out. It'll happen anyways, but this will keep the majority of it all in, which is the whole point.

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    Spray a pan with either some sort of non-stick spray, or olive oil. Olive oil is amazing, so I always use that. Then again, you don't even have to spray it at all, if you're health-conscious. But if you're making choices based on health, what are you doing making boregs? Crazy people. Whatever though, they'll just stick to your pan. Arrange them so they have a little wiggle room. They get quite puffy. Puffy and delicious.

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    Stick these mamas in the oven. 350 degrees F is about right, adjust as needed for different ovens of course. They usually take around 10 minutes in a pre-heated oven. But don't set a timer and run away, you're going to want to watch them. It only takes a minute to overcook them, because they're so fluffy!

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    Take them out when they're just browning. Cheese is probably pouring out of them. Yum.

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    Divide amongst everyone as necessary. With my recipe, you'll make 9. Full box of pastry, you'll make 18. Can feed between 1-9 people, depending who's around to steal them from you. Eat and enjoy!